About Me

(Keep scrolling all the way down on any page for my blogs. It’s a strange place for blogs but hey I’m still learning this stuff 🙂 )

Let’s see…my name is Erin Elizabeth and I live in Texas, by way of my beautiful little hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I was born with muscles that didn’t want to work very well, and I spent a good amount of my infancy strapped into some super fun leg braces (insert Forrest Gump joke here). 🙂 It was tough, but my parents didn’t ever let me know I was different. They encouraged me to take on anything I wanted that was affordable at the time, so I began taking karate classes, eventually fighting in city wide tournaments for about 8 years. Also for most of my life I was in theatre, which I still love.

I started running after I graduated college and it allowed me the freedom to think through many of my problems, as well as volunteering at events and meeting so many wonderful friends along the way. Simply put, I fell in love with it. A while back, I picked up an old bike and began BMX racing again after about a 10 year hiatus. I believe that while life may be busy, it’s just too short not to do what makes us happy. Training for two hobbies keeps me pretty busy, but it has been a fun ride so far (pun intended). I’m pretty new to blogging, and am still in the process of setting up my page, so please bear with me. I hope anyone with a passion for running, BMXing, or anyone who appreciates training for a hobby will check back from time to time. Just like looking forward to next year, it’s only getting better!

Feel free to add me on Instagram at DeeGeeDoll.


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