Mi llamo es…

I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for the last seven months or so. Let’s say, I had certain nagging doubts that stopped me. Common doubts….the common, pigeon-type doubts that come flying in when you come up with the fewest crumbs of what may turn out to be a great idea, pecking them up faster than you can protest. What could I, Erin Elizabeth, possibly have to say in a world where someone somewhere has said it all before? Why not?

I am a Texas girl by way of Oklahoma, and raised by parents from Ohio, with all relatives also from the north. This means that by the time I was 6 I could road trip 1500 miles with the best of them, listening to Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, etc., while pouring over the book du jour and watching the world outside the window of our old family sedan fly by for hours on end. I caught the travel bug and never stopped; family trips, bmx races, study abroad trips. To this day staying in the same place for too long makes me claustrophobic. Going somewhere new, I am always learning, and the jubilantly happy nerd in me loves the idea of a never ending classroom.

I love the south, but aside from the occasional “y’all” drop, feel as foreign as ever at times. Cowboy boots? Worn one time to the rodeo and collecting dust in the closet. Country music? More like an acquaintance. My hobbies make me happy (I hope everyone’s do), help relieve stress, and make it possible for me to think through certain situations. Besides reading, I love distance running and BMX racing, which is what the majority of this blog will be about.

I began running almost two years ago as away to cope with a horribly bad relationship. What can I say? Live and learn. Running calmed me down and made me think more clearly than ever. Hitting up a new trail, or a huge hill made me appreciate the beauty in everyday life. Running became like traveling; suddenly being away from everything made me realize that certain people, for all their pompousness, can be quite inconsequential. While the relationship thankfully ended, the running didn’t. Good things can come from bad situations. As of last weekend, I have completed my sixth (I believe) half marathon. More on that later.

Also, last summer, after not having touched my bmx bikes for 10ish years, I decided to start riding again. I love the feeling that comes with snapping out of a starting gate, and sprinting over doubles, and triples, and turns, and rhythm sections as fast as my legs and arms will let me. I have many cherished memories on my bike, and I hold those close to my heart.
(Photo above, Dallas, Tx circa 2000) Courtesy dad’s dresser


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